Shaker Pink 500 ml

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Shaker Pink

Pink shaker in the highest quality and with really nice design. A good shaker for protein drink, meal replacement or as a water bottle at the gym.

Pink shaker for protein drink

Shaker in delicious neon-pink with a logo on the side, strong construction to withstand rough treatment. The shaker is made of allergy and non-toxic plastic (polypropylene). Screw cap with proper threads to prevent the leaks. The shaker can tolerate without difficulty dishwasher, perfect for when you want to shake your protein shake and know that it is tight!

Shaker in stylish pink to training or job

The shaker comes with removable internal strainer, strainer used to filter such as protein powders or meal replacement when you shake it. Buy your pink cocktail shaker from Good Stay and make the workout more fun. The shaker is even more colors as such in green neon.

To use the sleek pink shaker of Stay Good

To use the Pink shaker: Unscrew the large cap remove the strainer and pour in the liquid as you shall drink, such as milk or water. Fill with powder and add there strainer. Screw the large cap, check that the small lid also sits firmly in place. Then shake the shaker until the liquid and protein powder or meal allowance is mixed properly. Open the small lid on the drink enjoy!

Properties Shaker Pink 500 ml:

Dishwasher safe
Fits in most car drink holders
Durable durable and virtually unbreakable plastic
Can be used in microwave
Supplied with internal removable strainer
Grading of the page to easily adjust the fluid quantity
Stylish pink shaker with color in neon
500 ml

Additional information

Weight 85 g
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 9 cm


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